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Over the past year, we’ve seen the rise of the mini-PC. A device has the computing capabilities of a standard PC but is much smaller in size.

These compact size PCs are so adorable in size. They are small enough to fit in your hand.

You can purchase a mini pc as an alternative to a desktop computer. As long as you installed it properly. PCs break down occasionally. And you can’t store a desktop PC in your cabinet. But with the Mini PC, that’s not the issue. You can easily transfer the external data from your hard drive to the Mini PC.

Mini PCs meet the needs of a particular niche market that has certain computing needs. Particularly where space is limited. Mini PCs are super versatile. They come with a lot of functionality and low power consumption. They have an extremely low noise profile, and some are practically fanless.

There are numerous in number. You can expect to see them in both households and workplaces. Such a revolutionary and remarkable solution you can find at Nexus Computer.

Here you will find the best deal on the Mini PC price in BD as well. So have a look.

What is a Mini PC?

Mini PCs are small desktop computers that take up little space on your desk. Because they're so tiny, they can smoothly be installed on the back of a monitor, with the help of a VESA adapter.

Mini PCs are a big boost in the case of limited space. Such as the receptionist's desk. Or even so in the children's room where they require less complex requirements.

While you won't get the power and personalization that a desktop provides. The mini PC shines in other areas.

The mini PC is the easiest alternative for those who are always on the go. And also looking for a less expensive option for a laptop.

The greatest benefit of Mini PCs is the mobility facility it provides. With that, you’ll always have the necessary gadgets at every location you visit. You will have access to a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and microphone or headphones.

Is a Mini PC a good substitute for a desktop computer?

Advantages of Mini PC

In comparison to a standard desktop PC, notebook, or even tablet, a mini-PC has a number of perks.

  • The size is the most evident benefit. It can be as small as an ornament box. Sometimes even small in size. It depends on the mini PC model you choose. You can carry this PC in your bag in the most unnoticeable way. Saves a lot of room for you.
  • The flexibility that a mini PC offers is tremendous. It has all of the processing capability of a typical desktop computer. The hard disk and RAM are the most important components. They're simple to replace. Connect it to your preferred monitor or even a television.
  • From the pricing point of view, Mini PC offers the most affordable option. To know the latest pricing, check the Nexus Computer website.
  • Mini PCs use power-saving technology. As a result, they produce less heat and consume less energy.
  • Mini PCs are great options for work and business. In times of training sessions and seminars - you can use a mini PC. They're great for working online. They also have significantly more processing power. You can even use them in a busy office environment. It declutters the workspace. You can easily connect them all to the main channel systems.
  • You can use a mini-PC as a multimedia server. They use the latest video and audio interfaces. . Choose a model that uses a powerful graphics card and processor. You can use remote control and control it from the comfort of your couch.
  • Mini PCs are more powerful, allowing them to play more demanding games. It'll suffice for your gaming needs.

The best Mini PC Price in Bangladesh

Find a wide range of Portable Mini PC at the best price in Bangladesh. Featuring Apple, Intel, Asus, and Gigabyte Mini PC. Shop online or visit Nexus Computer registered shop near you. Check out our reasonable mini PCs price in Bangladesh. In BD, we have a large selection of mini pc computers. A new generation of all-in-one mini PCs is now available only at Nexus Computer.

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ASUS VivoStick TS10-B017D Intel Atom Z8350 Portable Mini PC
Save 49%
Tk.31,500 Tk.16,000
BrandAsus ProcessorIntel Atom x5-Z8350 RAM2GB Ram TypeLPDDR3 Storage32GB
Apple Mac Mini 8 Core CPU 8 Core GPU 256GB Silver Brand PC
Save 10%
Tk.104,000 Tk.94,000
ProcessorM1 CHIP RAM8GB Storage256 GB SSD Graphics8-core GPU BluetoothYES
Save 11%
Tk.13,700 Tk.12,250
ProcessorINTEL CQC RAM4GB Ram TypeLPDDR3 Storage64 GB EMMC BluetoothYES
Save 6%
Tk.16,000 Tk.15,100
ProcessorIntel PQC RAM4GB Ram TypeLPDDR3 Storage64 GB EMMC BluetoothYES
BrandIntel HDMIYES LAN PortYES USBYES 3.0 AVAILABLE Warranty01 Years of Warranty
BrandGigabyte ProcessorIntel PQC GraphicsINTEL HD Warranty03 Years of Warranty
Save 6%
Tk.35,810 Tk.33,500
ProcessorIntel Core i3 RAM4GB Ram TypeDDR4 Storage500 GB HDD GraphicsINTEL HD
Save 6%
Tk.31,470 Tk.29,500
ProcessorIntel Core i3 GraphicsINTEL HD BluetoothYES HDMIYES LAN PortYES
Save 7%
Tk.39,600 Tk.37,000
ProcessorIntel Core i5 GraphicsINTEL HD BluetoothYES HDMIYES LAN PortYES
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