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Who We Are

Nexus Computer is a one-stop shopping destination in Bangladesh for many IT (Computer and Related Services) product lines. We are permitted resellers and network operators for major IT brands. We began our pilgrimage as an insurer of computer gear in 2014. Nexus has since won the hearts of many people and is now a nationally recognized franchise. This was facilitated by Nexus's dedication to achieving customer satisfaction. Nexus must have risen to the top of the E-Commerce Premises and is one of the largest Computer and Technology product retailers by focusing on customer satisfaction, providing customers with the products they require, and remaining true to their motto, Customers Who come Initially. 

Nexus has a large workforce and is expanding rapidly, all while working hard to meet the Main Criteria of Nexus's Maxim or Foresight. We have an increasingly Favored website in addition to our physical branches. There is a widespread misconception that to must be ruthless to grow a business. We are aware, however, that there is a better way to grow. One in which what is good for the bottom line is also suitable for the clients. Companies will benefit from collaborating to grow. We have an authorized storefront in Agargaon at IDB Bhaban, BCS Computer City. Customers may purchase IT product lines by visiting our flagship store or ordering online at

Our Goal

Our Vision or mission is to improve many people's daily lives. We are ready to assist you with all of your technological needs. We strive to meet all of our shoppers' demands and assist them in fulfilling their goals and desires. We take pride while seeing our customers happy with our tenacity in delivering their products.

Our Objectives

The company's primary objective is to cater to patrons in both the public and private industries. All of our services are tailored to our customer's specific requirements. Customers can rely on our technical and hardware expertise, which makes us the most reliable and trusted partner in Bangladesh. We believe in community, technology and how we can combine the two. 

Maintaining the Crony capitalist Segment.

Nexus is a leading provider of IT-enabled services to our customers. Agrani Bank, American Embassy, ACI Limited, BUET, US Bangla Group, Rangs Group, Square Group, East-West University, and others are among our valued corporate clients. We have worked with various corporate offices, including banks, hospitals, government organizations, multinational corporations, and telecommunications companies. We provide them with all of the Tech product support and facilities they require for their business. We offer all IT-related hardware products, such as network-based products, servers and routers, laptops, desktops, printers, and other Tech-related hardware accessories.

Collaborates & Associates

Customers have no difficulty making valuable decisions because we have a plethora of branded options. Our customers receive the best service from the top-selling brands on our list. All of our laptop prices in Bangladesh are reasonable. Aside from a large selection of laptops, PCs, and televisions, we also sell Canon photocopiers and HP and Epson printers. We aspire to be a Neat freak firm that delivers everything word for word. Our customers can select from a variety of products. The product line includes Desktop PCs, Laptops, Gaming PCs, UPS, Tablet PCs, Graphics Tablets, Monitors, Office Equipment, Cameras, Security Cameras, Televisions, and many other items. Our products are checked and reviewed before being sold to our Loyal Customers.