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Scalable Latest Server​ Price in Bangladesh 2024

Scalable Latest Server Price in Bangladesh 2024

Scalable Server is an essential product for businesses and organizations that require high-performance computing power to handle their operations. This server is designed to provide reliable, efficient, and scalable performance for small to medium-sized businesses, startups, and enterprises. The server is a perfect fit for companies with rapidly growing workloads that demand high-level computing power to handle their operations. The Scalable Server is built with state-of-the-art technology that guarantees reliability, speed, and performance. It features a highly efficient processing unit that supports both Intel Xeon CPU and AMD Epyc CPU. With up to 64 cores and 256 GB of RAM, this server can handle complex tasks such as machine learning, data analytics, and high-performance computing seamlessly. This server is also equipped with a 10 GbE connection that delivers faster speeds and lower latency compared to traditional Gigabit Ethernet connections. It provides ample storage capacity to accommodate growing business needs, with support for up to 32 terabytes of storage space.

The Scalable Server's innovative design also allows for easy scalability, as businesses can easily scale up or down their computing resources according to their workload requirements. This feature saves businesses time and money by allowing them to purchase the exact amount of resources they need at any given time. Security is a top priority with the Scalable Server, as it features advanced security protocols designed to keep data safe from external threats. It includes data encryption, intrusion detection, firewalls, and secure boot technology.

Scalable Server is also easy to manage, thanks to its user-friendly interface. Administrators have access to a web-based management console that provides a clear view of system health, hardware inventory, and configuration settings. This makes it easy to monitor and manage the entire system from a single location. In summary, the Scalable Server is an ideal solution for businesses that need high-performance computing power with the ability to scale as their needs grow. With its advanced features, scalability, and ease of management, it provides a reliable and efficient computing platform for businesses of all sizes. The Scalable Server is the ultimate solution for any business looking for a reliable and efficient server system. Whether you're a small operation just starting out or a large corporation with complex IT needs, this server can be customized to meet your exact requirements.

The Scalable Server features the latest in server technology, with multiple processor options, high-speed RAM, and ample storage options. It is designed to handle even the most demanding workloads, making it perfect for businesses that require maximum uptime and performance. Additionally, the Scalable Server features an intuitive web-based management interface, which makes it easy to configure and manage. The interface allows you to monitor system health, configure virtual machines, and manage network settings from anywhere in the world. One of the standout features of the Scalable Server is its scalability options. It can be easily expanded to meet growing business needs, allowing you to add additional processors, RAM, and storage as needed. This means that you can start with a small investment and grow your server as your business expands.

The Scalable Server also features advanced security features to protect your critical data. With built-in firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and virus protection, you can rest assured that your data is safe and secure. Finally, the Scalable Server is supported by a team of dedicated experts who are available 24/7 to provide assistance and support. From initial installation to ongoing maintenance, our team is committed to ensuring that your server runs smoothly and efficiently. In summary, the Scalable Server is a powerful and reliable server system that can be customized to meet the unique needs of any business. With advanced features, scalability options, and expert support, it is the perfect solution for businesses looking for maximum uptime and performance.

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