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Patriot Latest Desktop Ram Price in Bangladesh 2024

Patriot Latest Desktop Ram Price in Bangladesh 2024

Patriot Desktop RAM features a DDR4 architecture offering a higher bandwidth and lower power consumption than its DDR3 predecessor. The 288-pin UDIMM (unbuffered dual in-line memory module) fits perfectly in any standard motherboard with a compatible DDR4 slot. This Patriot memory module has a capacity of 16 GB, which is enough to run most applications without slowing down the performance. Replace your old memory module or add this additional one to your existing setup to double the amount of capacity available. With a high-speed clock rate of 2400MHz, you can enjoy faster loading times, quicker response speeds, and instant data access. This high clock rate is perfect for demanding applications such as video editing,3D rendering, or gaming.

The Patriot Desktop RAM is also equipped with a heat spreader that dissipates heat effectively, resulting in more stable performance over long periods of usage. The heat spreader ensures that your RAM stays cool even in the most intensive workloads. In addition to high performance and stability, Patriot Desktop RAM is also reliable and durable. It undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that it meets industry standards before being shipped to customers. Its robust build guarantees longevity to ensure that you won't need to replace the module anytime soon. Overall, if you’re looking to increase your computer’s speed, responsiveness, and multitasking capability, Patriot Desktop RAM is the perfect solution. Buy it now to get improved performance, better stability, and an incredible computing experience.

The Patriot Desktop Ram is a high-quality, high-performance memory module that is designed to deliver ultra-fast speeds and maximum reliability for your desktop computer. This memory module is made from high-grade components, which include top-of-the-line chips and robust heat sink designs to ensure optimal performance under heavy workload conditions. With a capacity of up to 16 GB DDR4, the Patriot Desktop Ram is suitable for both gaming and professional use. With this memory module, you can run multiple applications seamlessly without experiencing any lag or delay. Whether you're playing graphically intensive games, editing videos, or multitasking with numerous open applications, Patriot Desktop Ram has got you covered. The unique heat sink design improves heat dissipation, ensuring that the memory module runs cooler and more efficiently. The memory module also features XMP2.0 support, which enables automatic overclocking for higher memory frequencies, enhancing system performance.

The Patriot Desktop Ram memory module is compatible with most desktop computers. It operates at a voltage of 1.35 volts, which minimizes power consumption and ensures that your computer runs more efficiently. With this memory module installed, you can achieve faster data transfer rates and an overall smoother computing experience. The Patriot Desktop Ram comes equipped with a lifetime warranty and technical support, ensuring that you get reliable, long-lasting performance from your memory module. It's time to upgrade your desktop computer with the Patriot Desktop Ram and experience increased productivity and significantly faster performance. Get your hands on this product today and take your desktop computer to the next level.

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