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Leadtek​ ​Latest Graphics Card​ Price in Bangladesh 2024

Leadtek Latest Graphics Card Price in Bangladesh 2024

Leadtek Graphics Card is a top-of-the-line graphics card designed for hardcore gaming enthusiasts and professionals who demand the best in graphics capabilities. This powerful graphics card features Nvidia's latest GPU architecture, delivering rich, vibrant, and ultra-realistic visuals that will take your gaming experience to the next level. The Leadtek Graphics Card is equipped with 11 GB of GDDR6 memory and a 1350 MHz base clock frequency that can be boosted up to an impressive 1635 MHz. This ensures that you have all the power you need to render even the most demanding games or run complex modeling programs and video rendering applications with ease. This graphics card also comes with advanced cooling technology that prevents it from overheating, even during long gaming sessions. The signature triple-fan shroud design not only looks great but also significantly reduces noise levels while allowing for increased airflow and better heat dissipation.

The Leadtek Graphics Card also includes Nvidia's latest technologies, such as Ray Tracing and AI acceleration, which deliver hyper-realistic lighting, shadows, and reflections in games that support these features. You'll enjoy unbeatable clarity and definition, even in the most challenging lighting conditions. Additionally, this graphics card features multiple display outputs, including three DisplayPort connections and one HDMI port. This allows you to connect multiple displays simultaneously, making it ideal for multi-monitor setups and gaming in ultra-high definition. Overall, the Leadtek Graphics Card is a high-performance graphics card that is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their gaming experience or improve their workflow in professional-grade applications. With its advanced features and industry-leading performance, it's sure to take your computing capabilities to new heights.

Leadtek Graphics Card is a powerful and efficient graphics card designed for gamers who demand nothing but the best. It features the latest NVIDIA technology and delivers stunning visuals, faster frame rates, and realistic gameplay. The Leadtek Graphics Card boasts 4 GB of GDDR5 memory, allowing you to run your favorite games at high resolutions and settings. The card's clock speed runs at an impressive 1531 MHz, making it capable of handling even the most demanding gaming applications. With 768 CUDA cores, this graphics card offers unparalleled performance and speed. The card features two fans that provide efficient cooling, ensuring that temperatures remain optimal during intense gaming sessions. The fans operate quietly, ensuring that you can concentrate on your games without any distractions.

The Leadtek Graphics Card has a sleek and stylish design that will complement any gaming rig. It comes with a black metallic backplate that provides additional protection and durability. This graphics card supports NVIDIA's latest technology, including G-SYNC, which synchronizes the card's refresh rate with the display to eliminate screen tearing and input lag. It also supports Ansel, allowing you to capture breathtaking in-game photos and share them with your friends. Overall, the Leadtek Graphics Card is a powerful and efficient graphics card that offers uncompromising performance and stunning visuals for gamers. Whether you're playing the latest AAA games or running resource-intensive applications, this graphics card will deliver unparalleled performance and speed.

Leadtek WinFast RTX 3060 Ti HURRICANE 8G GDDR6 Graphics Card
Save 5%
Tk.87,000 Tk.83,000
BrandLeadtek Graphics Engine3060 Ti InterfacePCI Express 4.0 Memory Size8GB Memory TypeGDDR6
Save 8%
Tk.17,400 Tk.16,000
BrandLeadtek Graphics EngineQuadro P620 Memory Clock80 GBPS Memory Size2GB Memory TypeGDDR5
Save 8%
Tk.39,700 Tk.36,500
BrandLeadtek Graphics EngineGEFORCE RTX2060 Memory Clock14 Gbps Memory Size8 GB Memory TypeGDDR6
Save 8%
Tk.80,300 Tk.74,000
BrandLeadtek Graphics EngineGEFORCE RTX2080 SUPER Memory Clock15.5 Gbps Memory Size8 GB Memory TypeGDDR6
Save 5%
Tk.92,000 Tk.87,000
BrandLeadtek Graphics EngineQuadro Rtx4000 Memory Size8 GB Memory TypeGDDR6
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BrandLeadtek Graphics EngineQuadro RTX 5000 Memory Size16 GB Memory TypeGDDR6
Save 8%
Tk.28,800 Tk.26,500
BrandLeadtek Graphics EngineGeForce GTX 1660 Ti 6G Memory Clock12.0 Gbps Memory Size6GB Memory TypeGDDR6
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BrandLeadtek Graphics EngineGeforce RTX 2080 Ti Memory Clock14 Gbps Memory Size11 GB Memory TypeGDDR6
Save 7%
Tk.79,900 Tk.74,000
BrandLeadtek Graphics EngineGeforce RTX 2080 Memory Clock14 Gbps Memory Size8 GB Memory TypeGDDR6
Save 7%
Tk.77,700 Tk.72,000
BrandLeadtek Graphics EngineWinFast RTX 2080 8gb Memory Clock14 Gbps Memory Size8 GB Memory TypeGDDR6
Save 8%
Tk.34,800 Tk.32,000
BrandLeadtek Graphics EngineQuadro P1000 Memory Size4 GB Memory TypeGDDR5
Save 7%
Tk.54,000 Tk.50,000
BrandLeadtek Graphics EngineQuadro P2000 Memory Size5 GB Memory TypeGDDR5
Save 8%
Tk.15,200 Tk.14,000
BrandLeadtek Graphics EngineQuadro P400 Memory Size2GB Memory TypeGDDR5
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