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Latest Inktank Printer Price in Bangladesh 2024

Latest Inktank Printer Price in Bangladesh 2024

Counting on special color quality and flexibility. Then InkTank Printer is your best friend.

As printing technology improves, a variety of printers now enter the market. And it has made it tough to determine the ideal model for your needs. The greatest of them all is the ink tank printer. This type doesn't need a cartridge change and so saves money.

If you need to print large quantities of color documents for school, work, or creative endeavors. Such printers are Ideal for home and home office users.

When you are thinking of buying an InkTank printer you should consider its usability and applicability.

Here we’ll help you to explore the best InkTank Printer Price in Bangladesh.

What is an Ink Tank Printer?

This type of printer has a built-in mechanism that does not need a built-in ink head. It has a bulk ink system installed within the printer. The ink tank holds each type of color. Cyan, yellow, black, and magenta are the most popular colors. This technology provides continuous ink to the printer, allowing for page printing.

This tank you can fill up individually whenever needed. You don't have to bother about changing the cartridge every time it runs out with an ink tank printer.

In comparison to inkjet printers, ink tank printers are more expensive. But, the print quality and cost per printout are both relatively modest.

Advantages of Ink Tank Printers

  • The printer has its own tanks that allow it to carry a big volume of ink. This solution eliminates the need to purchase ink cartridges. Furthermore, huge tanks allow for high-volume color printing.
  • Although the price is kind of expensive. But the printing cost is significantly more cost-effective than any other printer. It takes less time to print. And lastly, the high-end print pays off.
  • The number of pages that can be printed in one filling is the most significant factor. Ink tank printers can easily print 6 to 7 thousand pages in a single filling. The nice thing about ink tank printers is that they have built-in ink storage.
  • Ink tank printers produce the highest quality prints. It offers a hassle-free, clutter-free, and most efficient printing experience.
  • Ink tank printers are more practical to operate. It has wi-fi connectivity. It enhances your printing experience. Even using your laptop and mobile phones you can print anything using this printer.
  • The technology that this type of printer uses makes them easier to handle and transport.
  • This printer comes with advanced technology. It uses USB and LAN connectivity, making it more convenient for everyone to use.

Where to buy Ink Tank Printers

The printer price in Bangladesh varies depending on the model and functionality you choose.

If you are looking for suggestions on where to get the best Ink Tank printers in Bangladesh. Then we will suggest going for Nexus Computer. They have the top models' Ink Tank Printers available, at a discounted rate.

A few of them are as follows:

Epson L3156 EcoTank

This EcoTank offers multi-functionality. It has wi-fi connectivity, a spill-free printing solution. The printing resolution is 600 x 600 dpi. To buy this amazing printer, contact Nexus Computer.

Canon G3010 Pixma

It is a wireless printer with 4800 x 1200 dpi printing resolution technology. The speed is 5.0ipm. A wide range of paper can be used to print out. This printer cost only Tk.23,500.

HP 315

This is known as the all-in-one Ink tank printer. It also offers multifunctionality. That means you do printing, scanning, and copying all at the same time. The printing resolution is 4800 x 1200dpi. This Ink Tank printer price in Bangladesh is only Tk.18,500.

You can also buy other types of printers from the Nexus Computer website.

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