Latest Server Price in Bangladesh

Server price in Bangladesh

Servers are an essential component of any IT setup. For faster operation server is needed.

A server is a computer program or device that accepts and replies to requests made by another program known as a client.

A server is needed to offer information to the computer that connects to it.

When it comes to setting up a PC's server there are several components to look at. A server has more storage, memory, and processing capability than a standard workstation.

When it comes to purchasing a server for your business, you have a number of alternatives. Let's have a look at the Server price in Bangladesh. And how to set one up for your company.

What is Server?

Many people believe that a server is no different than a standard desktop computer.

Servers are powerful components designed to store, process, and manage data, devices, and systems through a network. Servers are the engines that drive businesses by delivering appropriate resources to network devices and systems.

You are responsible for purchasing, installing, and placing the server in your office properties. Reliability, security, and high performance are all positives in this case.

What Are the Functions of Servers?

Different types of servers are set up to perform specific functions. The structure, scale, and scope of the business determine these parameters. So, if you're trying to figure out how much a company server will cost, follow these steps. Consider what you'll be doing with it.

  • Physical Servers Virtual Servers DNS Servers Application Hosting Email Hosting For File Storage/Sharing

You are responsible for purchasing, assembling, and installing the server in your commercial space. Reliability, custom security, and high performance are all advantages in this case.

You'll have to spend some money on purchasing, setting up, and maintaining the server. Before making any purchasing decision for any type of server. It’s the best option to hire an expert IT consultant.

Difference between Virtual Server and Cloud Server

Virtual Servers

Hypervisors are used to set up virtual servers. It allows several servers to run on a single physical server. Lower expenses and better scalability are the benefits here.

Cloud Servers

Physical or virtual servers that are installed and administered by another company are known as cloud servers. You are in charge of them and have access to them over the internet.

How Much Does a Server price in Bangladesh?

Purchasing a server for your business can cost anything from $1000 to $2500. To get it up and running effectively, you'll need to think about a lot of things.

You have to think about your CPUs, hard drives, RAM, processor, motherboard, and power supply. You'll also need to think about the operating system and any other server applications.

You'll also have to budget for more server maintenance and replacement. And that also includes the cost of power and cooling of the server. As well as the hardware and software maintenance.

You can buy a pre-built server, but this has its own set of limitations. At Nexus Computer, you will find varieties of models Servers in your budget range. Some server examples are given. below:

HP Proliant:

This brand server uses the Intel Xeon processor. It has 16GB RAM with 2 TB HDD storage. This server comes with 3 years of warranty. And you can get it at Nexus Computer with an 8% discount. The server price is only Tk.155,000.

Dell EMC PowerEdge:

Because of its excellent characteristics, this brand server is well-known and widely used. It is powered by a dual-core Intel Xeon Silver CPU. The Intel C620 chipset is installed. The memory is RDIMM 64GB.

The cost of this server is only Tk.690,000. Nexus Computer is the only place where you can get it.

In addition to servers, Nexus Computer is well-known for its various types of PC and Laptop devices. Know their prices by clicking below.

Dell EMC PowerEdge T150 Intel Xeon E-2314 Tower Server
Save 5%
Tk.230,000 Tk.218,000
BrandDell ProcessorIntel Xeon E-2314 RAM16GB Ram TypeDDR4 Storage2 x 2TB
Contact us for a price
BrandAsus ProcessorIntel Xeon E-2236 RAM16GB Ram TypeDDR4 Storage1 TB HDD
Contact us for a price
BrandAsus ProcessorIntel Xeon E-2236 RAM16GB Ram TypeDDR4 Storage1 TB HDD
Contact us for a price
BrandDell ProcessorSilver 4212 RAM32GB Ram TypeDDR4 Storage4.8 TB
Contact us for a price
BrandDell ProcessorSilver 4210 RAM32GB Ram TypeDDR4 Storage4.8 TB
Contact us for a price
BrandDell ProcessorSilver 4208 RAM32GB Ram TypeDDR4 USBYES
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