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Latest Label Printer Price in Bangladesh 2024

Latest Label Printer Price in Bangladesh 2024

The finest label printer can make the labeling process a lot easier. Whether you're running an online store. Or, simply attempting to keep track of where all your belongings are. Label or Barcode Printers are essential.

Sometimes Label printers are often far more efficient than all-in-one inkjet printers. If you are looking for the best inkjet or Inktank printer, you can check out the HP printer in Bangladesh.

Considering the price, label quality, or volume. There are many different types and levels of label printers available nowadays. They range from low-cost, easy-to-use consumer models to shipping labels.

Here's how to find the best Label Printer Price in Bangladesh.

How to pick the best Label Printer in Bangladesh

In the office or at home, the finest label maker can be put to a variety of tasks. You can make use of it for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Address Labels
  • Folder Labels
  • Product Labels
  • Price Tags
  • Clothing Label
  • CDs
  • Shelves
  • Storage Containers
  • Food Label
  • And so on.

There are several factors to consider while selecting the best Label Printer for your needs.

  • Begin by figuring out what kinds of labels you're looking for. Is it intended for paper, fabric, iron-on, or metallic applications?
  • How would you like your labels to be designed and printed?
  • Do you prefer a label printer that runs on batteries or plugs into a wall socket?
  • How long and wide do you need your labels to be?

At Nexus Computer, you’ll find the best Label Printer on the market today. Covering a wide range of uses and price points. And we've provided you with all of the crucial information you'll need to select the best option for your specific requirements.


This is the desktop label printer, which comes with 203 dpi printing resolution. And you will get it at only Tk.16,700. This label printer is available at a 6% discounted rate.

Bixolon Slp-Tx400E:

This is another thermal desktop label printer. It has a maximum 4-inch label sticker width. You can get it for only tk. 20,000. Save tk. 500 when you order it from Nexus Computer.


This one is the industrial label printer. It has 102 mm printing speed and 300 dpi printing resolution. You can find this printer at Nexus Computer. The price is Tk.210,000.

Why do you need your own Label Printer?

Digital labels have recently grown in popularity. Many organizations, however, are still unaware of the benefits of digital label printing. They still outsource the labels. Label printers are ideal for those businesses who have mass production. But limited product line. Outsourcing labels is not an option for them.

Print whatever labels you like:

Many businesses wind up with a surplus of labels. In this case, a label printer is like a rescuer in disguise. You can print exactly what you need with the digital label printer. Saving both your time and money.

Modify your labels whenever and wherever you want:

As the federal and state-level laws change, so does the way you label your items. Using label printers you can print your own label. You also have control over your labeling process in order to comply with these rules.

Save money on overhead:

Ordering labels is a painstaking procedure. Label delivery time ranges from days to weeks. But with label printers that’s not the case. You can have your own color labels. As well as the labels will be readily available at your fingertips.

With so many benefits, a label printer is a must-have for every business. They are quite simple to use. After you've chosen the proper instrument, all that's left is to select the text and color. In less than a minute, the label will be ready. So go to Nexus Computer and get the best label printers. Only from there, you will get the best label printer price in Bangladesh.

Other types of printers are also available from Nexus Computer. Have a look at those.

GoDEX G-500 Label Printer
Save 11%
Tk.28,500 Tk.25,500
Brother PT-E110VP Label Printer
Save 9%
Tk.9,300 Tk.8,500
TSC MH341T Label Printer
Save 8%
Tk.130,000 Tk.120,000
Contact us for a price
Bixolon XD3-40TK Desktop Printer
Save 13%
Tk.16,000 Tk.14,000
TSC TTP-2610MT Industrial Label Printer
Save 8%
Tk.120,000 Tk.110,000
Contact us for a price
Contact us for a price
Save 7%
Tk.91,000 Tk.85,000
Save 6%
Tk.69,000 Tk.65,000
Contact us for a price
Contact us for a price
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