Latest Android Nexus TV in Bangladesh

Android TV price in Bangladesh

Thinking about switching your normal TV into a Smart Android TV? But in a delusion would it be wise to buy it from any online shop in Bangladesh? or what would be the price range? We might have a solution for all of your queries. You can find authentic Android TV at the best price rate in Bangladesh. Suggesting you check out the Nexus Computer website. You'll be surprised by their wider collection of Android TV. All in an affordable price range. So without any doubt, you can buy your one now.

What are the benefits of buying Android TV in Bangladesh?

  • Super easy to operate an Android TV
  • You can move anything from your mobile device to the Android TV big screen
  • Easy to discover and stream any content
  • Can run apps
  • As it powered by Google Assistant, You can easily place commands through voice search
  • Easy to navigate to the content discovery bar
  • Can browse popular apps like Youtube, Netflix, Amazon prime, and so on
  • Can play games on it. Even any unfinished level on your phone can be finished on TV. Google play helps to save all your progress
  • It has a built-in Chromecast which helps to run your mobile apps on the television
  • You can easily pause or record any program, with no chance of missing out on any sequence.

Where to buy Android TV at the best price in Bangladesh?

Technology becomes advanced day by day. So does our choice of using Television. There is a huge improvement in Television technology. Now everything becomes smart. Among the many smart options available in the market, Android Tv always holds a special place in the user’s mind.

Android Tv is easy to discover and can stream any program. With A big screen, you can now watch movies like you are sitting in any theatre.

But now the big question is where to buy the authentic Android TV in Bangladesh?

Nexus Computer is the authorized seller of all kinds of Android TV in Bangladesh. Some popular lists are, NEXUS NTV50S, NEXUS NTV32SB, NEXUS NTV24S, Nexus NTV32, Nexus NTV40, NEXUS NTV55S, NEXUS NTV65S, and on.

Another good news is that, if you buy Android TV from Nexus Computer, you will get amazing discounts. So without keeping any uncertainty in mind, buy your favorite Android Tv from Nexus Computer.

Before buying check the latest Android TV price in Bangladesh here.

Nexus Computer is also a well-known seller of other branded television. If you want you can check those out as well.

Tk. 37,000
BrandNexus ModelNTV50S Resolution3840 x 2160 Screen Size50 Inch
Save 6%
Tk. 13,350 Tk. 12,500
BrandNexus ModelNTV32 Resolution1366x768 Screen Size32 inch
Save 8%
Tk. 15,700 Tk. 14,500
BrandNexus ModelNTV32S Resolution1366x768 Screen Size32 inch
Save 8%
Tk. 16,300 Tk. 15,000
BrandNexus ModelNTV32S​D Resolution1366x768 Screen Size32 inch
Save 10%
Tk. 18,400 Tk. 16,500
BrandNexus ModelNTV40 Resolution1920x1080 Screen Size40 inch
Save 10%
Tk. 21,000 Tk. 18,900
BrandNexus ModelNTV40S Resolution1920x1080 Screen Size40 inch
Tk. 6,900
BrandNexus ModelNTV22 Resolution1366x768 Screen Size22 inch
Save 10%
Tk. 26,000 Tk. 23,500
BrandNexus ModelNTV43S Resolution1920x1080 Screen Size43 inch
Save 18%
Tk. 58,500 Tk. 48,000
BrandNexus ModelNEXUS NTV-SM55I Resolution3840 x 2160 Screen Size55 inch
Save 15%
Tk. 68,500 Tk. 58,000
BrandNexus ModelNTV-SM65I Resolution3840 x 2160 Screen Size65 inch
Tk. 8,000
BrandNexus ModelNTV24i Resolution1366x768 Screen Size24 inch
Save 11%
Tk. 6,200 Tk. 5,500
BrandNexus ModelNTV-NSM20I Resolution1366x768 Screen Size20 inch
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