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Sony TV price in Bangladesh

Planning to buy a Sony TV? Confused whether you will find the original one in Bangladesh at the Best price rate? Well now keep your worry aside, because Nexus Computer is the authorized seller of all kinds of IT products including Sony TV in Bangladesh.

You can relaxingly buy your desired one from there.

Now coming to the price point. At Nexus Computer you'll find a low-budget one as well as the high-end one. But the good news is that Nexus computer always offers discounted prices, so that you can easily buy that Sony TV on which you are eyeing for so long.

What specifications to look for before buying Sony TV in Bangladesh?

  • First, select the price range you want to go for
  • Choose the TV size you prefer the most. There's a saying, the bigger the TV, the better the picture quality
  • Choose LED or OLED
  • Check the TV resolution. Suggest you go with 4K (Ultra HD)
  • If you care, check out whether the TV has Bluetooth connectivity
  • Go for 4 HDMI ports at a minimum
  • Check out cable. High-quality cables always make a great difference
  • Check out TV sound quality
  • And lastly, don't forget the TV manufacturing warranty
  • What benefits do I get from Sony TV in Bangladesh?

    • Sony TV has the best picture quality. It has a more vibrant screenplay than any other TV in the market
    • Sony TV uses advanced sound technology that will give a theatre-like experience at home
    • Minimalist design gives every Sony TV a modern outlook and more futurists and aesthetic appearance
    • Sony TV has great motion handling features
    • The Smart Sony TV has upgraded remote control where you will get quick access to Netflix, Youtube and Google play movies
    • Sony TV power-saving mode helps it to consume low power
    • You can adjust TV brightness according to the surroundings
    • Sony TV has more sharp and fast-moving features that give action scenes and sport more lively feel
    • Sony TV supports Google Assistant and Alexa

    At Nexus Computer you’ll find a wide variety of Sony TV at various price ranges. Some best-selling Sony TV models are Sony Bravia, Sony KD, Sony KDL-W650D, Sony X7500E, and so on. All of the Sony TVs you'll find here at a discounted price range. You can directly place an order online or visit their showroom to buy your favorite Sony TV.

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Tk. 130,000
BrandSony Resolution3840 x 2160 Screen Size65 inch
Tk. 88,000
BrandSony Resolution3840 x 2160 Screen Size55 inch
Tk. 62,000
BrandSony Resolution3840 x 2160 Screen Size43 inch
Tk. 118,000
BrandSony Resolution3840 x 2160 Screen Size65 inch
Tk. 78,000
BrandSony Resolution3840 x 2160 Screen Size55 inch
Sony KD-49X7500H 49 4K  Android LED TV
Save 6%
Tk. 72,600 Tk. 68,000
BrandSony Resolution3840 x 2160 Screen Size49 Inch
Save 7%
Tk. 91,300 Tk. 85,000
BrandXiaomi ModelMi 4S 65 Refresh Rate60 Hz Resolution3840 x 2160 Screen Size65 inch
Save 7%
Tk. 28,400 Tk. 26,500
BrandSony ModelW600D Resolution1366x768 Screen Size32 inch
Save 2%
Tk. 27,500 Tk. 27,000
BrandSony Model32W602D Resolution1366x768 Screen Size32 inch
Save 7%
Tk. 23,550 Tk. 22,000
BrandSony ModelR302E Resolution1366x768 Screen Size32 inch
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