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Latest POS Printer Price in Bangladesh 2024

Latest POS Printer Price in Bangladesh 2024

POS Printers are now a common item in most shops. In retail shops, there is always a necessity of generating credit card slips. Or the customer receipts. In such cases POS printers are important.

POS printers provide so many advantages. That is why so many large-scale retailers have already made a move to this printing technology. It is very adaptable, allowing it to work with a variety of receipts.

Because POS printers are so widely used. Let's see how much a POS printer price in Bangladesh.

What is a POS Printer?

POS printers are receipt printers that are used at a point of sale. customers can get receipts right away through these printers. Thermal printers, inkjet printers, and impact printers are the most popular types of POS printers.

These printers work in different ways. And among them, thermal printers are the most popular.

Things consider before buying POS Printer in Bangladesh

These considerations help in making the best selection for your company.

  • How will your receipt printer connect with your computer? Consider the types and number of ports accessible on your computer. as well as any other devices that will need to be attached
  • Before connecting you need POS software installed. Is your POS software compatible with the POS printer? Do double-check with the program provider before buying.
  • Do you have or plan to install a cash drawer? If yes, please check whether the POS printer is compatible with the cash drawer.
  • Check the Resolutions of printers (DPI)
  • The speed of the printer
  • Is the paper cut using a tear bar or an auto-cutter? An automatic paper cutter can be worth the extra money for the extra comfort.
  • Using paper rolls is the fastest way.
  • How environmentally friendly is the POS printer? Does it have energy-saving technology? As well reduce the amount of paper use is another important fact.
  • While price is always a consideration. Make sure you invest appropriately to meet your requirements. Compare all the different types of printer prices in Bangladesh first before buying.

Best POS Printer Price in Bangladesh

At Nexus Computer, there are a wide collection of POS printers available. Choose any one that suits your needs best. Here are some POS printer brands alongside their price in Bangladesh.

Rongta RP328-UP:

This is the thermal POS receipt printer, that works best for office usage. It has a paper end sensor. This printer supports TCP/IP Ethernet connection. You will get this printer at tk. 6,300 only.

Sewoo LK-TS 100:

This POS printer is a direct thermal type. The printing speed is 160 mm per second. It has a printing resolution of 180 DPI. At Nexus Computer, you will get this printer price only at tk. 8,200.

Bixolon SRP-380:

This is another thermal POS printer. It supports iOS and Windows operating systems. The printing resolution is 180 DPI. This POS printer price in Bangladesh is Tk.19,000.

Whatever business you have, you'll need a good POS printer to generate receipts for your customers right away. When you evaluate the various options, you will be able to determine which type of POS printer best meets your needs. Having said that, find the best POS printer price in Bangladesh at Nexus computer.

Nexus Computer also sells a variety of other printers. Please take a look at those.

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