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Apollo Latest Projector Screen Price in Bangladesh 2024

Apollo Latest Projector Screen Price in Bangladesh 2024

Apollo Projector Screen is an exceptional addition to any home theater, office, or presentation room. This projection screen is designed to deliver an exceptional viewing experience with its wide-screen format and sleek design. It is a perfect solution for those who want to enjoy crystal-clear HD images with the utmost clarity and resolution. The Apollo Projector Screen boasts a high-quality 120-inch diagonal surface that comes with a 16:9 aspect ratio, making it perfect for watching movies, delivering presentations, or playing video games. The screen is made of high-quality material that measures at104 x59 inches, making it easy to view your favorite content in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

The Apollo Projector Screen is easy to install and assemble. It comes equipped with a sturdy frame that is made of high-quality aluminum alloy that won't rust, corrode or scratch easily. The frame also features a black velvet border that ensures the projected images are sharp and clear with a high level of contrast. The screen comes equipped with a sleek motorized mechanism that allows you to adjust the height of the screen from the wall or ceiling. This makes it easy to adjust the screen position as per your requirement for a better viewing experience. The motorized mechanism operates smoothly and silently, providing you with an uninterrupted viewing experience.

Apollo Projector Screen has been designed to be portable and easy to move around. It comes equipped with a heavy-duty carrying case that makes it easy to take it wherever you go. The carrying case is made of high-quality materials that protect your screen while in transport. In summary, the Apollo Projector Screen is a premium and affordable HD projection screen that provides an exceptional viewing experience. It’s easy to install and comes with a robust frame, making it suitable for both residential and commercial use. Get your hands on this fantastic projector screen and enjoy the ultimate viewing experience.

The Apollo Projector Screen is the perfect solution for movie buffs, gamers, and business professionals alike. This high-quality projector screen boasts a sleek design while providing crystal-clear images and wide viewing angles. Whether it’s for your home theater or office conference room, the Apollo Projector Screen is sure to impress. With its versatile design, this projector screen can be used for a multitude of applications. With an aspect ratio of 16:9, you can enjoy your favorite movies and videos without any distortion. The Apollo Projector Screen is also perfect for presentations in the workplace – its large size ensures that everyone in the room can see the presentation with ease. One of the standout features of this projector screen is its high-quality construction. The Apollo Projector Screen is made from premium materials that are designed to last. The durable aluminum frame ensures that the screen will hold up over time, so you can enjoy your favorite movies and presentations for years to come. Another feature that makes the Apollo Projector Screen stand out from the competition is its easy setup. The screen comes with everything you need to get it up and running quickly, including all of the necessary hardware and instructions. It can be mounted on a wall or ceiling, ensuring that it fits seamlessly into any space.

Apollo Projector Screen is not only functional but aesthetically pleasing as well. Its matte white finish provides a crisp, clean look that complements any decor. Plus, the black border around the edge of the screen enhances the viewing experience by providing a clear contrast between the image and the surrounding environment. Overall, the Apollo Projector Screen is an excellent investment for anyone who wants to enjoy high-quality images in their home theater or office. With its durable construction, easy setup, and stunning visuals, it’s sure to become a favorite among movie lovers, gamers, and professionals alike. Order yours today to take your viewing experience to the next level!

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