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Latest Barcode Printer Price in Bangladesh 2024

Latest Barcode Printer Price in Bangladesh 2024

A Barcode printer is not just your typical printer. They are used to print out labels or tags for your business or school.

So if you want one. Or, looking for the Barcode printer price in Bangladesh. Then you come to the right place.

These specific types of label printers come in different sizes and price points. All based on the client's requirements.

Always buy barcode printers from authorized sellers. Because they have greater experience, knowledge, and can provide a great deal.

What is a Barcode printer?

Barcode printers are specific types of printers used to print barcodes for products. There are two types of barcode printers available.

  • Direct Thermal printers:

    Such printers use chemically treated materials to create these barcode labels. It doesn’t print in colors. There is no toner, ink, or ribbon used.

    These labels may fade or become unreadable over time if they are exposed to heat or light. While they may not last forever, they are adequate for ordinary barcode applications.

  • Thermal Transfer:

    Such printers use a thermal printhead to heat a ribbon that melts ink onto the label surface. These labels can print logos, graphics, text in color. Such outstanding print quality is used for a long period of usage.

    Based on your need, choose any type for use.

Which type of barcode printer is best for you relies on a variety of criteria. It depends on,

  • Your company's needs
  • The area in which the printer will be used
  • How frequently you'll be printing
  • and the connectivity you'll require.

All these considerations help you to choose the best printer in Bangladesh.

Benefits of Barcode Printer

Cost-effective Barcode Printer price in Bangladesh

Having your own barcode printer means you don’t need to look elsewhere. Printing in-house is usually more cost-effective. As there are various types available in the market. You can choose any type based on your budget. Small businesses can save a lot of money by using barcode printers rather than outsourcing.

Simple to Operate

In reality, a barcode printer is so easy to operate. The printers available today are fully user-friendly. They'll be up and running with your systems in no time. all you have to do is choose your wording, size, and print.

Printing on the Go

Barcode printers can now be used as a stand-alone equipment. They come with their own keyboard. That allows you to design and print labels without having to be connected to a computer. Such portable printers make life so much easier and faster.

If we have to name a portable barcode printer, then we’ll suggest Rongta RPP04 Portable Label Printer. This printer comes with a super powerful battery life and fast charging capacity. And you can find this printer at a discount rate. Only at Tk.15,000. Just visit the website of the best IT products provider in Bangladesh. Nexus computer. They are the authorized seller. From them, you will get the best barcode printer price in Bangladesh.

Finally, before purchasing, it is necessary to assess the resource requirements. Printing requirements, workload, printing resolutions, and so forth. Check the pricing, speed, guarantee, warranty, customer support, advantages, and cons of a new printer.

Visit the Nexus Computer website to choose the perfect product for your company. They have all kinds of barcode printers in Bangladesh at the best price range. So you won’t disappoint.

Nexus Computer also offers other types of printers as well. Check those out as well.


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