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Barcode Printer: Which one to buy in Bangladesh

Latest Barcode printer price in Bangladesh

Are you in the market for a new printer? Specifically a Barcode printer? With so many options out there, it's difficult to tell which model is best.

Here are a few things to think about before you go shopping.

  • Price
  • Barcode Printer Price in Bangladesh varies greatly. Obviously, you shouldn’t spend more than you can afford.

    Sometimes the budgeting for a printer extends beyond its initial cost. To help you, we have included all of the top branded barcode printer prices below.

  • Print Speed
  • If you print frequently, print speed will be a vital concern in your purchase decision. The speed of a printer is measured in PPM. And different printers have different PPM speeds.

  • Print Quality
  • Print quality is influenced by a number of factors. The most important item to look at is the DPI or resolution. It describes how well a printer can reproduce the pixels in a given image.

  • Type
  • When purchasing a barcode printer you have to think about its shapes and sizes. Whether it is a compact, portable, or desktop version.

    Note that technology might look attractive on your desk. But don’t purchase something that doesn’t fit your needs.

Note that technology might look attractive on your desk. But don’t purchase something that doesn’t fit your needs.

There are far too many factors to pick for a single barcode printer. That doesn't even address whether it's appropriate for your needs. Instead, weigh the pluses and minuses of the barcode printer models you're considering.

Here are our top 7 picks for the best barcode printer price in Bangladesh. This list incorporates a range of printers that are suitable for a variety of tasks.

So that you can discover the right match for you.

Best barcode Printer to buy in Bangladesh

Here we have displayed all the best points for each of the barcode printers. We hope it helped you to narrow down your options.

Rongta RP400H Barcode Printer

This Printer provides great stability, durability, and speed. It is super simple and easy to replace the paper and carbon belt. This budget-friendly printer comes with a 1 year warranty period.

This printer price in Bangladesh is Tk. 9,500. 10% discount available at Nexus Computer.

Rongta RP400H Barcode Printer Specification

Print Speed

Print Resolution


4-5 Inch per second

203 DPI

Continuous Printing Solution. Comes with a gap, fan hold, black mark.

Rongta RP80VI Thermal Barcode Printer

This printer uses the direct thermal printing method and supports various printing software. You can do automatic positioning, stripping, and paper detection using this. This printer also has the environmental specifications for adaptive temperature control.

This is an all-in-one printer that meets your budget and needs.

You can get this printer at Tk. 10,000.

Rongta RP80VI Thermal Barcode Printer Specification

Print Speed

Print Resolution

Printer Type

Printer Dimension

150mm, 127mm per second

203 DPI

Thermal Roll Paper

Length: 237mm
Width: 146mm
Height: 130mm

Rongta RP400 USEP Barcode Printer

This barcode printer offers a great mix of speed, stability, and durability. A great feature of this printer is it supports multiple interfaces. Ranges from serial, parallel, USB, LAN, and Ethernet. You can easily replace the paper and carbon belt of this printer.

The cost of this Barcode printer is Tk. 11,500. There is a 10% discount going on at Nexus Computer.

Rongta RP400 USEP Barcode Printer Specification

Print Speed

Print Resolution

Printing Functionality

4-5 Inch per second

203 DPI

Automatic correction paper and carbon

Rongta RPP04 Barcode Printer

This printer comes with a compact design, providing greater portability. To ensure mobility it uses a super-strong battery capacity. The powerful battery allows it to print for 300 meters continuously.

This printer promotes agility, accessibility, ease of use, and simple maintenance. It has a paper-out detection feature. It offers fast charging with a 30% power-saving solution.

This printer price in Bangladesh is Tk. 15,000. You can get your hands on this barcode printer from Nexus Computer.

Rongta RPP04 Barcode Printer Specification

Print Speed

Print Resolution

Printer Type

Printer Dimension


Battery Capacity

90 mm per second

203 DPI


Length: 133 mm
Width: 149 mm
Height: 60 mm

8 MB


Zebra ZD888T Barcode Printer

This printer is great if your printing needs require both printing solutions. Such as direct thermal and thermal transfer. The series accommodates the printing of both ribbon wax and wax resin. For software label design it uses bartender and Zebra design. The barcode type is 1 & 2 dimensional.

This printer price is only Tk.16,500.

Zebra ZD888T Barcode Printer Specification

Print Speed

Print Resolution

Printer Quality




152 mm per second

203 DPI

8 dot per mm

Desktop Barcode Printer


128 MB

Bixolon XD3 Barcode Printer

Recognized as a fan-favorite, Bixolon XD3 Barcode Printer features high-quality printing ability. It has a long list of functions.

For easy migration, this printer is completely compatible with programming languages. It has flexibility in handling half-inch and one-inch core ribbons. The optional field-installable Peeler makes it suitable for industrial use. It also offers an external paper supply.

You can get your hand on this Energy Star Certified barcode printer at only Tk.16,000.

Bixolon XD3 Barcode Printer Specification

Print Speed

Print Width

Print Resolution

Printer Type


Interface Ports

Flash Memory


110 mm (max)

203 DPI

thermal transfer desktop label printer


USB, USB Host, Serial, Ethernet


Bixolon SLP Barcode Printer

The SLP-TX400 thermal transfer or direct thermal label printer is robust and efficient. It is ideal for a variety of industries. Such as transportation & logistics, healthcare, aviation, manufacturing. It offers an all-in-one interface. Including Serial, USB, Ethernet, and WLAN.

The SLP-TX400 also features BIXOLON label printer intelligence. It has Smart Media Detection technology. This specification helps in detecting the label and receipt print media.

This Bixolon brand barcode printer price in Bangladesh is Tk.19,500. And at Nexus Computer you will get a 7% discount.

Bixolon SLP Barcode Printer Specification

Print Speed

Print Width

Print Length

Print Resolution

Printing Method



Flash Memory



Up to 7 IPS, 178 mm per second

108 mm (max)

1000 mm (max)

203 DPI

Thermal Transfer, Direct Thermal


USB, Serial, Parallel

128 MB

The sensor on this printer is transmissive and reflecting. It also has a ribbon end and a head open feature.

Real Time Clock

Each of the models we've discussed has its unique set of features, characteristics, and perks. The user can buy any barcode label printer from the above list.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option. You can check out Rongta RP400H & Rongta RP80VI. They are reasonably priced and simple to set up.

The Bixolon brand barcode printer is recommended for more professional use.

What pivotal point features the best barcode printer?

The most important feature to look for in your next barcode printer is clear and accurate printing.

You won't have to be concerned anymore about your barcode or QR code not scanning properly.

FAQs on Barcode Printer

Common questions people ask before checking out the Barcode Printer Price in Bangladesh.

What is a Barcode printer?

Ans: A barcode stores the necessary information about a product encoded on the label. The black & white pattern can only be learned by machine. The barcode will indicate what product it is. Normally pricing information is associated with it in your POS software.

A barcode printer helps to print tags and labels on parcels, paper covers, and envelopes. These are the printers that are used to print barcodes on a particular product before shipment.

What are the different types of Barcode printers available?

Ans: Barcode printers come in a variety of configurations.

  • Plastic, paper, and cardboard are frequently printed with flexographic printers. Flexography is a water-based ink-based rotary-press printing technique.
  • A line printer is made up of a series of pins that print a whole line at once. They are quick, but the print quality is poor.
  • Silicone pads are used by pad printers to print on curved or tough plastic surfaces.

Barcode labels are only one part of a larger barcode system, which includes:

  • Barcode scanners.
  • Label printers.
  • Database management software.
  • Tablets and mobile computers.

What is the purpose of a barcode printer?

Ans: Barcode printers have a variety of reasons to be there for multiple uses. Barcode printers offer a range of applications. Comes from the educational sector to the retail sector.
If you have your own barcode printer, it will be much easier to create your own custom labels.

  • Easy to create custom barcodes:
    Using barcode printers you can create your own barcode with an easy-to-use template. Be it shipping labels, badges, address tags - barcode printers are useful.
  • Tracking Made Simple:
    Barcode labels help you to make continuous serials of your assets. You generate your own barcode labels. Adding them to inventory items makes tracking easier.
  • Improved Accuracy Level:
    The use of barcodes eliminates the need for human data entry. It drastically decreases errors. You can quickly import data using external software. Integrate it simply with your printing technology to generate barcodes as per your needs.

What is the price of a barcode printer?

Ans: The price of a barcode printer varies depending on the model or brand you choose.
We've compared seven barcode printers available from Nexus Computer in this article. They are available at a variety of price points and with varying levels of capability. Tk. 9,500 is the lowest pricing range. The most expensive one was Tk.19,500.

Is it possible to print color on a thermal printer?

Ans: Yes, using thermal barcode printers you can print color. Because thermal transfer printers are monochrome. They can print in a variety of tones depending on the ribbon color you use.
There are some other types of thermal printers which use Zink or Dye-sublimation technology. It helps to produce full-color labels.

What is the lifespan of a barcode label?

Ans: Barcode labels can be made as long-lasting as you require. Barcode quality and adhesive nature depend on the durability of a barcode.
As there are two types of printing methods involved. Such as: Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer.
Labels printed using Direct Thermal printers have a lower lifespan. But barcodes printed on Thermal Transfer have a higher lifespan.
A barcode label's lifespan is also affected by the material it is printed on. If you use a paper label it won’t last you long. Compared to synthetic labels.

On barcode labels, what kind of adhesives are used?

Ans: There are various types of adhesives used to stick on the barcode labels on products.
The adhesives kinds are ranges from:

  • Permanent adhesives.
  • Chemical resistant adhesives.
  • Removable adhesives.
  • High-temperature adhesives.
  • and so on.


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