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A Motherboard is an essential component of your PC. If you are looking forward to upgrading or expanding your PC, then a motherboard is the foundation that you need to think about first.

After choosing the type of motherboard you needed then you can choose your PC's other component like the processor.

Now the main question is, where you can find the best MSI Motherboard at the best price in Bangladesh? For that, suggesting you visit the Nexus Computer website. There you will find a wider collection of MSI motherboards as per your needs.

What are the benefits of MSI Motherboard in Bangladesh?

The benefits of having a good MSI motherboard in Bangladesh are so many. Here we mention some that are going to help you to choose a better one.

  • MSI Motherboard is considered as the Pc's main circuit intersection. So only by the best motherboard, you can easily configure your PC working capability
  • The motherboard is like water, it can take any shape as per your needs. If you don't need some particular features on your motherboard, you can easily detach that as per your needs
  • An adequate Motherboard can enhance the functionality and compatibility of other components of your PC
  • You can easily upgrade your motherboard. For a gamer, an upgraded motherboard processing capacity is needed. So before buying any motherboard choose wisely as your working needs
  • For your computer to work more efficiently, you need to invest in a Good Motherboard
  • In some series of MSI Motherboard gives super fast speed and amazing processing power for the gamer
  • Investing in a Good Motherboard ensure that your computer is stable enough to work amazingly and doesn't hang off after long hours of work
  • Easy to make your computer super powerful by certain upgrades on your motherboard

Which MSI Motherboard to buy in Bangladesh at the best price range?

There are various kinds of MSI motherboards available in Bangladesh. To identify what specific motherboards you are required, we've listed down some top-selling MSI Motherboards below.

All of these are available at Nexus Computer at a discounted price. Some MSI Motherboards dedicated to gamers, some are for professional use, and some for a video editor. So let's take a tour at the below listed MSI Motherboards in Bangladesh.

The first one on our popular list is MSI MAG B460M BAZOOKA Motherboard. It uses Intel B460 Chipset and has LGA1200 CPU sockets. This motherboard form factor is mATX and it supports the Windows 10 operating system.

This motherboard will cost you Tk. 10,800, here you're saving Tk. 700 if you buy it from Nexus Computer.

Another one is MSI H81M-E33. It uses an Intel H81 Express chipset and has LGA1150 CPU Sockets. This motherboard supports Windows 7 / Vista / XP operating system.

This MSI brand motherboard will cost you Tk. 5,500, after an 8% discount at Nexus Computer.

Lastly, you can check out MSI A320M GRENADE Motherboard. This motherboard's maximum memory space is 32GB, the Form factor is M-ATX. And it has a 3 years warranty.

This MSI Motherboard will cost you Tk. 7,200, here you're saving 8%.

To get more information about MSI motherboard, check out this blogpost:Best MSI motherboard in Bangladesh [with price]

Nexus Computer is also an authorized seller of other branded motherboards in Bangladesh. If you want you can visit those as well.

MSI PRO H410M-B Motherboard
Save 23%
Tk.11,200 Tk.8,600
MSI MEG Z490 ACE Gaming Motherboard
Save 5%
Tk.42,000 Tk.39,900
MSI B560M PRO-E Motherboard
Save 4%
Tk.11,200 Tk.10,700
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