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AMD Processor Price in BD

When it comes to building or upgrading a computer, the processor is crucial. There is no such thing as the best processor. But there is just the best processor for you. That's why knowing exactly what you want to achieve with your PC before you buy is key. It'll save you a lot of time when it comes to selecting the best processor price in Bangladesh.

Choosing the right processor is totally a game-changing decision. Here, we’re discussing the right processor for your computer.

Why select the AMD Processor in BD?

AMD Processors come with PRO technology to give work flexibility anywhere in the working world. From small businesses to enterprises, anywhere this process works super smoothly. They are ideal for businesses that require great performance, agility, reliability, and professional features.

There are more some reasons why to choose AMD Processor in BD:

  • The most modern technology is found in AMD Ryzen™ and Ryzen PRO Mobile and Desktop Processors.
  • The core found in AMD processors ranges from 8 to 12.
  • AMD's high performance helps to boost productivity. Ryzen and Ryzen PRO Processors are designed to manage your increasingly multitasked and visual workload.
  • From ordinary office suite and video conferencing to processing data, generating code, and rendering films, everything can run super smoothly.
  • It's made with 7nm technology and a tuned "Zen" architecture.
  • AMD processors deliver unparalleled levels of speed for increased productivity while maintaining excellent battery life.
  • AMD Ryzen™ processors have a multi-layered security approach. It helps businesses protect data, eliminate downtime, and minimize energy drain.

Which AMD Processor to buy in BD?

Don’t spend your money aimlessly on a processor that actually doesn't go with your needs. There are a variety of AMD processors you’ll find in the market. Not everyone is best for you. Don't cut corners on your Processor just to regret it later.

You can start qualifying Processors after you know what your build's goal is. Don’t go for processors just looking at the clock speed, core counts, and faster completion tasks.

If you are now aware of the processor specification and looking for some recommendations. Then check out our below picks for the best processor for your needs.

AMD Ryzen 9

This superfast processor runs at 3.4 GHz with a maximum speed of 4.9 GHz. It contains an L2 cache of 8MB and an L3 cache of 64MB. It has 32 threads and 16 cores. The memory is up to 3200MHz DDR4.

You can find this AMD processor at Nexus Computer's official site. This processor price in Bangladesh is Tk.75,500.

AMD Athlon

This AMD processor has a Radeon 3000G graphics card. This processor runs at 3.5 GHz. It contains 1MB and 4MB L1 and L3 caches, respectively. It's a two-core processor with four threads. The memory operates at a speed of 2667MHz.

This AMD processor price in Bangladesh is Tk.6,900. You can find this processor at Nexus Computer.

When selecting a Processor, think about what you'll do with it first. Then figure out how much you can spend on it. Nexus computer has the finest collection of AMD processors. Match the right components for your PC with the help of their consultation. Hopefully, this guide will help you to buy the best priced AMD processor in BD.

Check their other branded processors as well with their prices.

AMD Ryzen 5 5600 Processor
Save 11%
Tk.18,800 Tk.16,800
AMD Ryzen 9 5950X Processor
Save 7%
Tk.69,900 Tk.65,100
AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X Processor
Save 15%
Tk.84,000 Tk.71,000
AMD Ryzen 9 5900X Processor
Save 13%
Tk.54,000 Tk.47,000
AMD Ryzen 7 5800X Processor
Save 16%
Tk.36,500 Tk.30,500
AMD Ryzen 5 5600X Processor
Save 17%
Tk.24,000 Tk.20,000
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AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Processor
Save 6%
Tk.19,400 Tk.18,300
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