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Zebra ​Latest Barcode Scanner Price in Bangladesh 2024

Zebra Latest Barcode Scanner Price in Bangladesh 2024

Zebra Barcode Scanner is a powerful and reliable tool for any business that relies heavily on barcode scanning. It is an excellent choice for retail, warehousing, logistics, and manufacturing industries, as it can quickly and accurately scan barcodes on products, packages, and shipping labels. This scanner features advanced technology that ensures fast and accurate scanning of1D and2D barcodes, including damaged or poorly printed barcodes. It comes equipped with a high-resolution camera that captures images of up to 30 frames per second, allowing for quick and efficient data capture. The Zebra Barcode Scanner is designed for comfort and ease of use, with its ergonomic grip making it easy to hold for extended periods without causing fatigue. Its intuitive interface makes it simple to set up and use right out of the box, and it can be easily integrated with your existing point-of-sale or inventory management system. With its rugged construction, the Zebra Barcode Scanner can withstand harsh working conditions, including drops from up to6 feet onto concrete. It is also water and dust-resistant, making it ideal for use in outdoor or dusty environments. In addition, this scanner has a long battery life of up to 70,000 scans per charge, ensuring that it can keep up with even the busiest workdays. It can also be quickly charged using the included charging cradle.

The Zebra Barcode Scanner is a versatile and reliable tool that can save your business time and money by streamlining your barcode scanning processes. Its advanced features, rugged construction, and long battery life make it an excellent investment for any business looking to improve its efficiency and accuracy. The Zebra Barcode Scanner is a cutting-edge handheld scanner that offers rapid and precise scanning of barcodes in seconds. It is perfect for use in industries such as retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and logistics, where barcode scanning is an essential part of daily operations. This scanner boasts a comfortable and ergonomic design that makes it easy to grasp and use for extended periods. It has an intuitive interface with a bright LED display that provides information about the scanned barcodes, including the type and status of the code.

Zebra Barcode Scanner is equipped with advanced scanning technology that can read barcodes from various surfaces, including paper, plastic, and electronic screens. It features an omnidirectional scanning mode that allows for quick scanning from any angle, making it ideal for scanning items at different orientations. This scanner is designed to be durable and reliable, with a rugged build that can withstand harsh conditions in industrial environments. It can withstand drops from up to6 feet, and it is also dust and water-resistant, making it suitable for use in demanding settings. The Zebra Barcode Scanner is easy to set up and use, with plug-and-play functionality that requires no special software or driver installation. It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth or USB, providing flexibility and mobility in its usage.

In summary, the Zebra Barcode Scanner is a high-quality and reliable scanner that ensures accurate and quick scanning of barcodes. Its advanced features, durability, and ease of use make it an excellent choice for businesses looking to streamline their barcode scanning processes.

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