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Latest Monitor Price in Bangladesh 2024

Latest Monitor Price in Bangladesh 2024

Monitor is like the windows of your PC. If you are planning to buy a monitor, then let us help you to find the perfect one.

Whether you want a monitor for gaming, professional purposes, or just for home use: Nexus Computer has it all. Nexus Computer is the authorized seller of various kinds of branded Monitors in Bangladesh. So you can quickly go through their website to check the monitor that perfectly fits your profession.

What to consider first before buying a Monitor in Bangladesh?

  • First, you have to determine for what purposes you need a monitor. Are you a gamer, or for professional office work, or just for general home purposes?
  • Set your budget right
  • If you are into gaming you must check the monitor's response time and refresh rate. And importantly what graphics card have been using.
  • Check out the monitor display resolution. Most of the monitor comes with 1080p, Full HD or HD format. But if you into gaming or video editing purposes, try to buy such monitor which is 4K
  • Consider buying a curved monitor to experience a large field view and also good for your eyes.
  • Check the monitor stand to whether it can be adjustable with your comfortable height and can be tilt to your comfortable angle

What are the benefits of buying a Monitor in Bangladesh?

  • A sharper resolution and bigger size screen monitor can help to work more efficiently
  • For improved ergonomics - you can easily adjust or tilt the monitor to your comfortable side
  • A good quality monitor helps to increase your work productivity
  • You will get more USB port, better sound speakers - if you can buy the right monitor
  • Because of a widescreen monitor, you don't need multiple monitors to work on and clutter your office desk
  • With the wider screen monitor, you will experience everything lifelike. Be it for gaming, watching movies, or any image

Where to buy the Best Monitor at the best Price range in Bangladesh?

In today's time, we are spending most of our time staring at the computer screens. Considering how much time we spent in front of our monitors, buying the best monitor in Bangladesh is becoming a necessity.

Nowadays monitors are upgraded as the technology becomes more advanced.

If you are looking for a place to buy an authentic branded monitor, as we already explained earlier go for Nexus Computer. There you can discover all the top branded monitors at a discounted price range.

For example, You can check out HP P19V G4. Its display size is 18.5 inches, with a resolution of HD WXGA(1366 x 768). This monitor comes with a 3 years warranty. Best suitable for professional or general purposes.

You can get this monitor at Tk. 6,500

Another one is Dell P1917S, which comes with a 19-inch Professional LED Backlight IPS Square display. Display resolution is 1280x1024 (WxH) SXGA. The tilt adjustment angle is -5 degrees to +21 degrees.

You can get this monitor at Tk. 11,400

Also, there is another one from the Dell family, Dell C7017T. It is 70 Inch Full HD Interactive touchscreen Conf. Room Monitor, best for office uses. Display resolution is 1920x1080

You can get this monitor at Tk. 525,000.

Read this blogpost to know all the nook and corner of monitor before buying one: How to choose the best monitor [with latest price in BD]

Apart from the above-mentioned monitor, there is another branded monitor available at Nexus Computer. Check those out first before buying your one.

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