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Havit Bangladesh

HAVIT is a well-known PC and mobile accessories provider to customers in more than 120 nations. HAVIT Group was established in 1998 by Ms. Lee, a woman who values and loves technology and offers a wide selection of consumer electronics at unbeatable prices. Since Moore's law predicts that new ones will frequently replace electronic products, we have continuously updated our technology. HAVIT is a company that has been in the electronics industry for almost 20 years. Our products are designed in China using cutting-edge technology and materials of the highest caliber. 12-month warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee. We promise to get back to our customers as soon as possible with professional technical advice and gratifying solutions.

Havit H217D Wired Headphone
Save 31%
Tk.1,600 Tk.1,100
Havit F2069 Laptop Cooler
Save 24%
Tk.2,450 Tk.1,850
BrandHavit Warranty01 Years of Warranty
Havit HN22G Black Webcam
Save 41%
Tk.3,500 Tk.2,050
Havit H205d Black-Gray Wired Headphone
Save 41%
Tk.850 Tk.500
Havit GD905 RGB Gaming Table
Save 6%
Tk.19,200 Tk.18,000
Havit SK201 RGB Black USB Gaming Speaker
Save 30%
Tk.1,500 Tk.1,050
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