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Asus laptop price in bangladesh

Asus is a Taiwanese multinational company that develops, manufactures and sells computer hardware and electronic components. There are various products in its line- up such as desktops, laptops, smartphones projectors, motherboards, workstations and much more. The consumers prefer the desktops from Asus because of its speed and performance.

The Asus desktop comprises a Mouse, Keyboard and AC adapter and power cord. The desktops come with various unique specifications, and you can choose according to the needs and usage. The screen size of the monitor is 19.5-inch screen and is sharp and gives vivid details. Intel dual-core processor powers most of the desktops and come with 2 GB of RAM. You get 500 GB of hard disk for all your storage purposes, and it also has a webcam for video calling purposes. They all come with Bluetooth connectivity and have USB and HDMI for easily connecting supporting devices.

All goods of asus, has a easy objective that is to supplement the digital world. Asus's elite software can improve sound, vision, and touch to distribute a truly extraordinary experience. Enjoy it!

Asus elite Technology

Asus has a diversity of fashionable applications created to improve the ability of Asus laptops. It includes useful utensils and utilities for everyday computing, applications to improve amusement and software to

Increase efficiency. All of these apps are calculated to provide fun and a more creative practice with Asus laptops. So do not overlook to check out the asus giftbox app and find out the astonishing things that Asus

software can do.

Asus Eye Care Technology

Asus has the best exhibit panel technology, the superb panels which are a setup to show the most precise color for the best viewing understanding. Asus is conscious that from time to time you may need to change this setting for example to add a little 'Wow!' thing to photos and videos. For this cause, Asus includes three modes to desire from: Eye care, bright and physical, in adding to the usual standard form.

Asus understands the use of computers notebooks in the long term can reason eye risk, which is often known as computer dream syndrome (CVS). Some of the symptoms of CVS are seeing that follows: headache, sore eyes, red eyes, eye damage, and exhaustion.


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